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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Nigerian Youths : The Most Abused People

Perhaps I should start by asking who's a youth, adulthood I am of a considered opinion starts at 40 years but in this Nigeria, even a 70 years old man yet claims to be a youth whenever such perceived a cheat on the younger Nigerians

Yes, even when the one who claims to be our president made a comment suggesting the youths are lazy, indisputably he was responding to a poser that has no correlation with the response he gave, apparently he's mentally lazy and he actually has no moral authority to make such fallacious opinion

Everyone saying balderdash that Nigerian youths are lazy is truly confused, Nigerian youths are the most harkworking in the world as I doubt any nation who has the crops of hustlers like we do have in Nigeria

Come to think of it, our parents paid through their noses paying our school fees, the educational system sold ignorance to us yet when we graduated with good certificates, the same system alleged we're unemployable, are you saying it's the fault of the youths?

When all these old men were in school, they didn't know half of what we knew but they all got appointments even before their final examinations, in today's Nigeria, many youths has submitted application letters to more than 100 establishments and yet nothing is forthcoming

Yes, the Nigerian youths are emotionally abused, there's no adequate job opportunities in Nigeria yet they wanted the youths to create jobs for themselves, some are even saying we should go and farm when their children are abroad lavishing what they stole from us

Nigerian youths are not lazy, the unlettered folks in this jungle who has no hope of a white collar jobs are actually very hardworking, imagining Nigerians digging well, are you saying someone who dig a well is lazy?

This jungle isn't providing any available job opportunities for the people of Nigeria and the youths are the mostly affected, Nigerians want to work and earn a wage but there's nothing worthwhile to do

Thanks to the internet access to the world that gave some Nigerians the opportunity to have false identity online, even these guys scaming the white folks works so hard to lure their "maga" as it's foundly called before they're paid with hard currency and because the old people has destroyed the naira, it ends becoming an economic fortune

I wish to say without mincing my words that if it wasn't because of illegal funds the youths have access to, crime rates especially in the south of Nigeria would had been at the crescendo, yes, even many of our young women are now professional prostitutes and some of them have more than an engagement in a day, so if a lady is servicing two or three men in a day with her body, are you saying she's "lazy"?

This nation has abused us emotionally, this nation has destroyed our today, apparently everyone is hopeless about what tomorrow can offer and truly something must be done else this nation is sitting on a keg of gun powder and it would detonate soon

I think a special intervention must be geared towards ensuring the youths are giving back what rightly belonged to them, the youths must be giving a sense of belonging because they're the most active and government ought tap into their strength to make the nation work for all

I think the educational system deserved to be overhauled, blaming the youths when the government destroyed the schools is actually demanding utopian requests from the youths and it's emotionally abusive

It's these schools that was destroyed that made reading actually burdensome for the youths in Nigeria, truly many youths won't read this article because truly our youths are mentally lazy and I insists it's not the youths fault

I think the youths must be actively ready to participate politically, I think it's best visionary and selfless youths are giving opportunities to political leadership so that we can seize the opportunity retire these old lazy elders apparently whom had nothing significant to offer the people of Nigeria and until this is done, things may remain in the status quo or simply put deteriorate

Yesterday, I registered on Twitter, though it's a boring social media handle for me I am reiterating but I urge you follow me @TosinArile and assist share my writings and be assured I would follow you guys aback

I thank you for your time

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