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Saturday, October 12, 2019


As we witnessed it between College educators and their female understudies, that is the manner by which it occurs between Corpers serving in optional schools and their female understudies. That is the way it likewise occurs between Senior understudies or school administrators in auxiliary schools and their JSS 3 or SS1 female understudies.

As we witnessed it between ministers/clerics and their parishioners, that is the way it occurs between a chief and his secretary or subordinate. That is the means by which it occurs between an Oga in a major house and his home assistance. That is the means by which it occurs between those that possess inns and the females utilized by them.

In every one of these situations, the shared factors are the equivalent: control, economic wellbeing, rotted ethics, absence of repercussion.

After our clerical appointment, our dignitary of understudies at that point, Fire up Fr Patrick Akekpe MSP, called we all, the recently appointed and offered us this guidance from his heart which has stayed with me. I will summarize dependent on how I got him:

"All these while you have been seminarians, ladies might not have seen you. It isn't on the grounds that you are not charming and alluring. No! Ladies are generally pulled in to men in power and men who have social and financial security. Luckily, or Tragically for you, the brotherhood accompanies both and considerably more.

"You as well, you might not have seen a few ladies or young ladies. . . Not on the grounds that you don't see them, being a seminarian may have confined you. In any case, you will before long start seeing them once you become aware of those forces and societal position and opportunity that accompany the ministry you simply got. Also, remember, being a cleric doesn't evacuate your human emotions.

"Be discipline! Be cautious! You were appointed to make change, not to be changed."

Whenever I think about those words, I discover them profound. Truly, in a place of power or with money related security and perhaps mystery, our genuine people turn out.

As I continue saying, you may not really comprehend what you will have the capacity to do with regards to sex on the off chance that you are still in your folks' home or remaining with somebody. No power/authority. No cash. You eat free nourishment. They wake you up for petitions. Furthermore, your life is observed to such an extent that regardless of whether you need to perceive any young lady, you can't have security.

You will begin understanding these things once you have control. A vocation that spots you at a higher position and gives you budgetary security and economic wellbeing. Your very own vehicle. A pleasant house. What's more, how individuals in the workplace or homeroom address you as "Sir."

This is the place the genuine trial of what your identity is turns out. That monstrous demonstration from those college instructors you saw on BBC narrative may likewise be living in you, just that you have not been set in a position where it can turn out.

Thus, I state to you, be discipline, be cautious, you are intended to make a positive change in our general public, don't give the general public a chance to change what your identity is.

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