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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Why Prayer Can't Solve Democratic Problems

Nigeria is a confused society, I say this because unworkable solution is oftentimes deployed to solve problems and as we all know that until the right solution is applied, problems merely get complicated

Permit me to also note that during the subsidy protest in Lagos in 2012, I actually participated as I trekked to Ojota from Iju-road Agege thrice that five days until the barrack guys chased us all away, the following Sunday I attended a church service and the pastor quoted Philippian 4:19 which reads that God would supply all our needs according to His riches, I was utterly angry and if it was supposed to be today, I would had interrupted the service that day

I say this because even if one carefully study the preceding verses before the popular verse 19, one would admits that the verse isn't actually appropriate but to the pastor, that's the best he could quote perhaps because he doesn't understood the bible

In Nigeria, our people merely claim to know God, they're merely religious about God and this is nothing but spiritual ignorance perhaps that's why some foolish people erroneously admit prayer can solve democratic problems

Prayer has its own work, that it solves democratic problems is peak of delusion, 1 Samuel chapter 8 is actually instructive, the people of Isreal demanded a king and God through Prophet Samuel informed them what the so called king would do to them, yesterday I noted in a bible study class that perhaps what God said then is actually what's happening

Yes, the only thing prayer can do for our problematic democracy is perhaps revealing whom has been appointed to be our leader, it's expected we as sensible people go ahead campaigning for such candidate if revealed because democracy is a game of number as God won't even send down Angels to vote in any election

Most especially the Christians I termed church goers in Nigeria are politically docile, they even have this blunderous belief that politics is dirty, so if politics is dirty, why are you people wasting your time to pray God make "dirty" politics work for you?

I used to pray, cry unto God before about Nigeria, I later realised it's height of stupidity to pray for Nigeria, that's why I consider activism better than being a prayer warrior, don't forget that a popular pastor in Nigeria distractively made a statement against this fact perhaps to con us

Nigerian Christians are too docile, too gullible, too unreasonable and when people who have such mindset now think it's their prayer that would solve the problems, it's best to admit that insanity has taken hold of them

Yes, those who even claim to pray are not even of God, being religious in Nigeria is nothing but hypocrisy, people hiding under the pretence of being godly and in their subconsciousness using God as a smokescreen to perpetrate evil

I wish to remind us all that a prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God as the bible asserted same, perhaps that's why these everyday supplications isn't actually yielding any result

Perhaps our people even think God is a magician, God is a miraculous worker I admit but God don't just perform miracle in specific areas He admit human has capacity to solve, God only solve spiritual problems I am reiterating for the umpteenth time

The way we pray in Nigeria, one would had wondered why God isn't sending His Angels to tar all roads in Nigeria one night for instance, my brother or sister, waiting for such to happen is waiting in vain

Yes, as reasonable people, we must take politics so serious, we must take politics more serious than every other thing because this fundamental issue invariably affects every other things that has significant effect on our lives

Thinking elections would be rigged and one should shun voting is sheer stupidity, it become more delusional when one start praying after a voting exercise has come and gone or thinking your prayer that I doubt even gets to God would make amends for your inability to actively participate politically is nothing but insanity

Well, it's a jungle full of fun, it's an entertaining jungle, we actually like deceiving ourselves in this part of the world, let's continue with our superficiality to life afterall our real home is in heaven, no be so?

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